Test Method Volume required
Alcohol (<16%) FTIR 150mL
Alcohol (<20%) Distillation/NIR 150mL
SG / Density / Extract Pycnometer 100mL
Alcohol Brandy/liquer/ spirits Distillation 500mL
Obscuration (brandy/spirits) Distillation 500mL
pH Potentiometric / FTIR 100mL
Total titratable acid Auto titration / FTIR 100mL
Volatile acidity Steam Distillation / FTIR 50mL
Malic Acid FTIR 200mL
Reducing sugar Fehling’s / FTIR 100mL
Invertsugar Fehling’s 100mL
°Balling/Brix Refractometer 50mL
Assimable Nitrogen Formol Titration 100mL
Preservatives and anti oxidants
Free SO2 – Ripper Titration 100mL
Total SO2 – Ripper Titration 100mL
Free SO2 – Aspiration Aspiration 100mL
Total SO2 – Aspiration Aspiration 100mL
Protein stability 80°C 5 hours 100mL
Tartrate stability (indication only) Conductivity (-4°C) 200mL
Colour stability (red) 0°C 48h 200mL
Fridge (Colour & Tatrate) -4°C 72h 200mL
Bentonite fining 20, 40, 60, 80g/hL Wyoming 500mL
Pinking Spectrophotometric 250mL
Metals(Ca,Cu,Fe) Atomic absorpsion 100mL
Haze (turbidity) Turbiditymeter(NTU’s) 50mL
Drop-Out TA after 2 hours at -4°C 200mL
Pectins and Glucans Acidified alcohol test 100mL
CO2 FTIR 750mL
Malolactic fermentation Paper chromatography 50mL
Optical density (colour) 420nm 520nm Abs or %T 50mL
Filterability index 0.45 or 0.65mi nylon 2Bar pressure 750mL
% Acetic acid (vinegar) Titration 200mL
Sample preparation Filtration, pressing, additions
Olive oil: %Free Fatty Acid Titration 250mL
Olive Oil: Peroxide Value Titration 250mL